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Manhattan is one-fifth of the bustling New York City, but it’s overflowing with potential. From entertainment to shopping to job opportunities, people flock to the city’s streets by the dozens looking for a taste of that classic New York life. One way people—both tourists and locals alike—appreciate Manhattan is through the vast number of restaurants throughout the city, each with its own unique flavor and drawing in crowds with delicious foods. There’s no one type of food to be found in Manhattan; New York City is a melting pot of different cultures and, in turn, cuisines to indulge in. 

If you’re planning a trip to Manhattan and want to have good food while there, here are three restaurants you should consider including in your travel plans.


For those who love Italian cuisine, you’re in luck: New York is filled with Italian restaurants to sate your appetite. No restaurant does it quite as well as Carbone, however. Created by Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi, and Jeff Zalaznick, this Italian-American restaurant strives to pay homage to “the great Italian-American restaurants of the mid-20th century in New York.” It strives to serve delicious and well-prepared food while giving diners an elegant, comfortable, and unpretentious atmosphere. Its food is similar and takes cues from talents and techniques from both the present and the future. 

Some dishes to try while dining at Carbone include Seafood Salad, Linguini Vongole, Lobster Fra Diavola, Chicken Scarpariello, and Veal Parmesan.

Sarge’s Deli

New York is known for its delis, and no deli does food as well as Sarge’s does. Sarge’s Delicatessen & Diner offers diners peak Jewish Style food as it has for the past 55 years. It’s well-known for its homemade food, portion sizes, and relaxing atmosphere—the perfect place to relax and eat after a long day touring the city. With over 200 items to choose from, Sarge’s has an array of food to appease any taste. Their food can be delivered as well by shopping on the online store.

19 Cleveland

Though it’s only been around for a few years, 19 Cleveland has a history that spans decades. The owner, Eyal Hen, grew up on the north coast of Israel and began cooking at 10 years old in his family’s restaurant. From busboy to server to bartender, Hen worked his way through the culinary field until eventually landing in New York City with his beloved Nish Nush. 19 Cleveland’s menu includes the full spectrum of 21st-century Tel Aviv: a melting pot of traditions from around the world. The range of cuisines—from Thai fish to shakshuka—honors, develops, and reciprocates the traditions from Hen, Eyal Asulin, Shai Sudai, Kfir Cohen, and Asaf Moaz’s immigrant parents.

With the way Tel Avivian cuisine develops through experimentation and inspiration, 19 Cleveland is right at home in Manhattan.



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