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From Brooklyn to Manhattan, New York City is filled to the brim with classic diners and some of the oldest eateries in the United States. Who are the best classic New York restaurants? The city isn’t limited to its renowned pizza and hot dogs. Some of the finest places to eat in NYC also include top-of-the-line steakhouses and hole-in-the-wall taverns as well. The following are 3 of the best, classic restaurants in New York City for every foodie to visit this year.classic-nyc

  1. Mario’s

Mario’s is one of the oldest Italian restaurants in the Bronx. Celebrating its 100th year or service in 2019, Mario’s a family-owned joint that started as an old-school pizzeria. Inside this classic Italian joint, you’re immediately hit with the same imagery you might see in every restaurant of the type in New York City.

Oil paintings and recreations of Michelangelo statues decorate the dining room, with white columns that have remained untouched since Mario’s founding. The place is anything but run-of-the-mill, however, featuring a full line of pastas, a dessert trolley, and espresso served with complimentary anisette. Pop into Mario’s sometime and try their linguine with red clam sauce.

  1. Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

Straight out of Prague, the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden is among the oldest in New York City. Located in Astoria, the garden is humongous and the variety of beer offered here is equally as expansive. Pitchers are rather cheap, priced at the highest at $18. Don’t worry, they serve more than just beer.

Some of the best sausage and schnitzel in the city can be found here. The Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden is a popular attraction during the summertime, with its lush, outdoor setting and quaint atmosphere. After a few cold ones, you’ll start to feel like a European artist, yourself.

  1. Frankie and Johnnie’s Steakhouse

This steakhouse in the Theater District began as a meager speakeasy back in the 1920’s. Frequented by the likes of Frank Sinatra, the restaurant quickly became a classic steakhouse, featuring, among steaks, creamed spinach and various myriad potato concoctions. Frankie and Johnnie’s Steakhouse is one of the oldest eateries in New York City, and the staff make sure to hold up the place’s vast reputation. The bar is to die for and the vibe of the whole restaurant is drenched in 1920’s culture.

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