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The spirits industry doesn’t slow down even during a pandemic. Consumers push brands to make their spirits top-notch with a twist of innovation. Specialists predict alcohol sales will set new records in 2021 due to distilleries changing the ways they produce their products. We’ve got the biggest brands expected to jump this year.


Lind & Lime Gin – This specialty spirit uses its unique ingredient of lime to spice it up. Made in Edinburgh, Lind & Lime balances the lime twist and juniper with a bit of peppercorn. It’s named after Dr. James Lind, who noticed his scurvy patients felt better when they ate citrus fruit. You can’t go wrong with citrus and spirits.


Chase – This premium potato vodka is made from home-grown potatoes on the Chase family farm in England. The farm-to-bottle spirit is made with 40% ABV. Chase is making a name for itself as a sustainable distillery. The family business started by only selling potatoes and is now changing the trends of producing vodka.


Widow Jane – This spirit is made in Brooklyn, New York. Widow Jane pays tribute to Rosendale mines in New York. The company is rising as a star in the spirits world because they don’t make anything with chill filtration. Widow Jane is looking to stand above the rest in the world of whiskey.


Volcán de mi Tierra – A luxury tequila must make a list for its amazing production. Volcán de mi Tierra takes over 3200 days to ripen before it’s ready to be produced. It’s made by blending flavors from the lowland agave and the highland. You can get it in an everyday Blanco or a cristalino-aged kind. This latter kind of tequila is extra special because it’s been filtered to be clear.


Appleton Estate – This rum has undergone many changes to rise to the top. It is owned by the Campari Group, who gave the different types of rum a new look and a new bottle. They also came out with a new production of a premium aged blend rum. Appleton Estate doesn’t look anything like it has in the past. The new packaging, bottle, and label give it a boost in exposure.


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