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We have officially entered a new decade! Are you ready to welcome a new wave of food trends in your lives?

While a range of unique food items is expected to hit grocery stores, restaurants, and of course, your dinner plates, some favorites from the last year will stay. 

Here are the top five food trends to expect in 2020.


1. Plant-Based Fast Food

Have you tried the Burger King’s Impossible Whopper? 

Well, you’ll likely see more items like that in 2020! Fast food restaurants are starting to take vegetarianism and vegan eating more seriously and therefore, you can expect to see ‘meatless’ versions of your favorite fast food. And don’t worry. The taste will be almost identical!

So, for all food lovers who’re looking to eat more healthy food or who’re environmentally conscious, a new range of plant-based food options will introduce in 2020.


2. Star Fruit

Thanks to Instagram, aesthetically appealing food items are quickly rising in popularity. The star fruit is just one of them. Apart from being “Instagram-able,” this fruit is packed with healthy plant compounds and essential vitamins and minerals. It is low in calories and is a great source of fiber and vitamin C. Moreover, it has powerful antioxidant properties that offer a range of health benefits. 


3. Keto Diet

With increased emphasis on low carb consumption in the health and fitness world, people are turning toward Keto diets. In 2020, you can expect to see more Keto food options in restaurant menus and grocery aisles. Creative chefs are enjoying experiments with different ingredients to make a dish as Keto-friendly as possible.     


4. Vegetables

People have actually started acting on the ‘eat your veggies’ advice – and food companies have taken the hint. You must have seen some creative veggie items being sold lately. You should only expect this trend to rise in 2020!

People are treating themselves with healthy vegetables, such as cabbage, kale, cauliflower, and faro. This is also a consequence of the popularity of the low-carb diet. Food companies are also following the trend and are replacing carbs with vegetables in as basic food items as rice and flour. Cauliflower, in particular has become the absolute favorite of people, perhaps because of its mild flavor and versatility.


5. CBD Food Products

While CBD has been on the rise for the past few years, it is expected to make its way into the food and drink industry. From bakery items and snacks to coffee, soups, and even alcoholic beverages, all popular food products and drinks will experience the infusion of CBD. 

It’s definitely good news for people who swear by the use of CBD for managing stress levels, relieving pain, and treating insomnia.

The Bottom Line

With these food trends to expect in 2020, it’s clear that this year is likely to be the year of healthy eating! These trends along with the changing taste preferences of people will determine how people interact with food companies and restaurants.

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