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Which are the best Chinese restaurants in town? New York City is in the middle of a Chinese food Golden Age as more restaurants focus on providing authentic flavors from home to a burgeoning expat Chinese community. Unlike in the past, when Chinese food had to be adapted to Western tastes, many Chinese restaurants are offering genuine regional flavors like from Sichuan, Beijing, Dongbei, Guangdong and more! A new wave of pan-Asian cuisine has also emerged, allowing Westerners and Asian expats alike to enjoy these delicious dishes from across the globe.

Although it’s very hard to choose from all the great eateries you can visit, here, you’ll find our top 3 picks for the best NYC Chinese restaurants you need to visit in 2019.


  1. Bang Chengdu Street Kitchen

158 W 23rd St

New York, NY 10011

(646) 864-2282

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This fast-casual spot on the streets of Chelsea focuses on bringing Chengdu street food to a discerning audience of hungry New Yorkers. Their motto of “Eat the Street” is reflected in their offering of four separate food carts indoors, each reflecting the specialized craft of Sichuan street vendors.

Whether you want some crisp buns full of spicy pork, some chili dumplings and noodles, or simply a highly-varied eating experience, you’ll find satisfaction at Bang Chengdu’s.


  1. Uluh Tea House

152A 2nd Ave

New York, NY 10003

(917) 261-5963

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This East Village restaurant offers a modern spin on classic dim sum cart fare. They combine typical offerings with beautifully prepared desserts, such as their pumpkin custard puff styled to look like a plump, juicy orange. Uluh is also well known for their pan-Chinese dishes such as Peking duck and mapo tofu, which although not usually found on dim sum spots, still make a delicious addition to their menu.

Come for lunch or dinner to experience authentic flavors along with an impressive selection of hot and iced teas.

Uncle Lou Communal Table Setting

  1. Chuan Tian Xia

5502 7th Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11220

(929) 295-0128

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This beautifully modern Sichuan restaurant in Sunset Park is well known for their amazing versions of Chinese cuisine classics like mung bean noodle and an amazing parchment-steamed whole fish. Yet their menu also includes very unique offerings you won’t find in many other places. Be sure to try their spiciness Chanzui frogs and cumin duck lips for a unique eating experience.

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