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New York City’s Chinatown is a great place to visit, and the fourth most visited neighborhood in Manhattan. It has a rich history, delicious food, and unique culture. Not only do I love going there myself, but I also love recommending it to others who are looking for something new and exciting in New York City.

Is Chinatown Manhattan worth visiting?

Chinatown is worth visiting if you’re interested in seeing a different side of New York City. It’s also worth visiting if you want to taste Chinese culture. The area has been around for over 150 years and continues thriving as one of Manhattan’s most popular neighborhoods. If you want authentic Chinese food, this is where you should go! Cantonese Style BBQ and Mainland Chinese Hot Pot is a must try.

What is the culture like in Manhattan’s Chinatown?

Yes! Chinatown is a vibrant neighborhood with a lot of history and culture. It has one of the largest Chinese populations in New York City, but also many other cultures are also represented. There are many good restaurants, markets, and shops in Chinatown. You should visit this neighborhood to see what it’s like living in New York City as an immigrant or tourist from another country.

Can you walk around in Manhattan’s Chinatown?

As you walk around Manhattan’s Chinatown, you’ll find it’s quite small compared to other cities with large Chinese populations. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to do or see in Manhattan’s Chinatown! There are plenty of attractions and restaurants worth checking out during your visit. The neighborhood itself is filled with shops selling souvenirs from all over Asia as well as restaurants serving dishes from different countries in Asia, such as Thailand and Korea (and even China). These restaurants serve both traditional dishes made with chicken feet or duck tongue along with modern fusion food like ramen burgers–so if you’re looking for something new while visiting New York City then look no further than this exciting part of town!

Is food good in Chinatown?

Chinatown has lots of options, and they’re all pretty good. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but New York City is home to some of America’s best restaurants (and food in general). There are so many options that it can be overwhelming if you’re new to Chinatown or just don’t know where to look. So let me help:

The first place I recommend checking out is Nom Wah Tea Parlor on Doyers Street. This restaurant has been open since 1920 and serves dim sum 24 hours a day! It’s one of those places that everyone talks about when they visit Chinatown for the first time–you will be able to find it easily because there will probably be a line outside waiting for their turn at this famous spot (which means it must be good). The most popular dishes here include pork buns (baozi) and steam dumplings (mantou), but there are also plenty more options available as well–just check out their menu online before going so you know what’s available!

Amongst the other must visits are Joe Shanghai for their soup dumplings, Big Wong’s for their Chinese BBQ, Uncle Lou for the greatest hits , Great Noodle Town for their wonton noodle soup, Jin Fong for Dim Sum, Peking Duck House and Wo-Hop for late night eats after your day in Chinatown.

What are some of the top things I should do and see when I visit Chinatown, Manhattan?

There are many things to do and see when you visit Chinatown, Manhattan. The first thing you should check out is the Chinese New Year Parade. It takes place every year around the first week of February and features floats, street performers and dragon dancers that make their way down Mott Street during this festive event. You can also visit the Museum of Chinese in America which features exhibits on artisanship, history and culture through interactive programs that highlight various aspects of Chinese life here in America.

Another thing worth checking out is the Confucius Institute at Columbia University where students learn Mandarin language classes taught by native speakers as well as participate in cultural events throughout the semester such as banquets where they enjoy traditional dishes like Peking duck pancakes or dumplings made fresh right before their eyes!

There are many other museums worth visiting. These include: The Museum of Immigration & Customs Enforcement; National Museum Of Chinese In America; Museum Of Immigration And Customs Enforcement; Confucius Institute At Columbia University…

When visiting Chinatown Manhattan one should make time for some shopping too because there are plenty of stores selling souvenirs ranging from jewelry pieces made from semiprecious stones like jade pendants shaped like dragons tails ($100+) down towards Canal Street you have the replica luxury items like Rolex, Gucci, Louis Vutton, etc.

Some popular restaurants to check out.

Dim Sum: Dim sum is a traditional Chinese meal that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It consists of small portions of food served in steamer baskets or on plates. Some popular dim sum dishes include dumplings, buns and cakes. My favorites are Jing Fong and Noh Wah Tea Parlour

Chinese Food: While many excellent restaurants serve traditional Cantonese cuisine in Manhattan’s Chinatown, if you’re looking for something more modernized, check out Red Farm or Uncle Zhou’s Dumpling House (located inside the same building). Both places serve delicious modern takes on classic dishes like Peking duck while offering an extensive cocktail list! But if you want neighborhood charm Joe Shanghai, Uncle Lou, Wo Hop are my favorites.

Japanese Food: Hidden inside a passageway is the highly-rated Nakaji, the actual fixture of this place is its Chef, a third generation sushi chef Kunihide “Nakaji” Nakajima, who has been honing his skills since he was 18. It would be a pity to miss out on the omakase whose price reflects the skill of the chef and the two-and-a-half hours of tasting Edomae-style sushi. The Bar at Nakaji also offers small unique, but delicious plates like Ankimo, a Japanese monkfish liver simmered in soy.

Let’s talk about shopping in New York City.

Shopping in New York City is a must. While many neighborhoods can offer you unique shopping opportunities, Chinatown is one of the best places to shop for souvenirs and gifts. As you walk down Canal Street, you’ll see countless stores that sell traditional items like lanterns, fans, and kites. If you’re interested in buying Chinese herbs or teas then Chinatown is also home to numerous herbal medicine shops where that sell their products at reasonable prices.

There isn’t a single Chinatown topic that I’m not comfortable speaking about! However, if you’re interested in learning more about my opinions and experiences, check out one of my other answers on this topic.

I’m a native New Yorker, so I’m familiar with all the great things to do in Chinatown. I’ve been to every single restaurant and store you could think of in Chinatown.

I love this neighborhood and have a lot of knowledge about it! If you’re looking for recommendations on what restaurants are good or how much stuff costs at souvenir shops, I can answer those questions easily!


I hope this post helps you get a better idea of what it’s like to visit Chinatown, Manhattan and if it’s something that interests you.

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