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Victor Jung

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Victor Jung is an accomplished business executive with over 25 years of experience in the Financial Services, Consumer Products, Real Estate, Media, Food & Beverage, and Hospitality industries. Over the course of his career, Jung has held roles of increasing responsibility with a Fortune 500 Company as well as several different advisory positions with industry-leading privately held companies. Victor currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of V Global Holdings, Inc, a global management consulting and financial advisory company is committed to providing innovation strategies for its clients and helping them become high-performance businesses.

In addition to his duties with V Global Holdings, Victor Jung serves as Senior VP of Operations for several restaurants and bars throughout New York City. These locations include Sons Of Essex, Petaluma Restaurant, Rochelles, and 205 Club.

Sons of Essex
The Sons of Essex menu is a reflection of the diverse melting pot of cultures that has gentrified the Lower East Side. The old school ‘Bowery Boys’ atmosphere and ‘Gangs of New York’ vibe pays homage to the history of the Lower East Side, fusing a traditional American comfort food menu with a diverse range of spices of Lower East Side immigrants past with the use of local ingredients and Essex Street Market fruits & vegetables. Please check out our official website

Petaluma Restaurant
An Italian American Grill, Petaluma has been serving the Upper East Side of Manhattan for over 30 years, with the friendliness and comfortable hospitality signature only to a quintessential neighborhood restaurant. Our guests have been coming back since 1984 for its wood oven thin crust pizza, homemade pastas and signature desserts. Petaluma also features an outdoor café for 33 seats, and a 70 person private Yorkville dining room. The York Avenue Room is designed to accommodate a variety of events. Whether it be an intimate business luncheon or a balloon-filled birthday party, our event team will work with you to design a unique experience and ensure a successful event. Please check out our official website.

Located in the Lower East Side, Rochelle’s takes away the airs of pretense and brings the bar business back to its basic roots: great cocktails that are delicious in their simplicity, hearty food, and an atmosphere that you would be happy to come to not just on a Friday night, but also a Monday. Please check out our official website.

205 Club
205 is housed in an intimate underground space located off the Bowery at the corner of Chrystie and Stanton. It is well-known for throwing very memorable, yet somehow forgetful nights filled with great people, all who want to share in the party together. 205 features rotating nightly DJ’s who focus on Hip Hop old & new, with some current rock, pop, and EDM mixed in as well. Please check out our official website.

As a native New Yorker, Victor Jung truly appreciates the cultural landscape that has surrounded him throughout his life. He takes full advantage of the diverse cuisines available throughout the city and is constantly looking to experience new restaurants.

Victor has gone to great lengths to determine the best restaurants in New York City for every possible situation. When it comes to finding the perfect restaurant, Victor begins by evaluating what the occasion the meal is for. When it comes to eating out, finding the right atmosphere is key. After all, a restaurant that is great for a date may not be the best location for a business dinner.

Furthermore, Victor Jung is an avid cook who enjoys experimenting with recipes new and old in the kitchen. Victor enjoys cooking because food because has the ability to evoke a response from all five senses. Cooking affords him the opportunity to create a unique experience that can be enjoyed with those whom he has the pleasure of sharing the meal with. Over the years, Victor Jung has continued to push the boundaries and challenge himself to be more creative.

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