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It’s a widely controversial debate that has plagued New York City for as long as its first few shops have been open: Who really does have the best pizza in the city? While the answer is entirely up to you, opinions stretch far and wide, with the 8 million citizens currently living in New York City picking and choosing as they please.

The styles of pizza throughout the city range from original recipes to some of the most unique pies in the world. So, favorites are a matter of “taste,” but for the sake of this argument, we’ll look at some of the most popular pizza shops the city has to offer, and why they’ve received so much attention over the years.

Di Fara

Opened in 1964, this Brooklyn pizza shop was started by culinary enthusiast Dom DeMarco, who continues to make many of the restaurant’s pies by hand at the age of 80. Dom utilizes original ingredients for his critically acclaimed pizza, with ingredients imported from the best sources available. The regularly long lines are often considered well worth the wait.

Patsy’s Pizzeria

New York City saw the first Patsy’s open in 1933 on First Avenue. Since then, two more have opened up, with the now three locations residing on 2nd Ave, University Place, and in the Upper West Side. For fans of soft, thin crust, this is the place to go. Though Patsy’s offers a large variety of pizzas and slices, the original style still holds true to this restaurant’s delicious history.

Speedy Romeo

Yet another thin-crust pizza shop renowned for its eclectic flavors, Speedy Romeo serves St. Louis style-pizza. While this may turn some New Yorkers away, it is absolutely worth trying. Topped with Provel cheese, this wood-oven pie comes with a large range of toppings that you wouldn’t typically find on an original menu; all the more reason to try it for yourself.


Operating in the Upper East Side of Manhattan for over 30 years now, this Italian-American restaurant is known for its housemade pastas, Italian comfort food, but perhaps most of all, its wood oven thin crust pizza. With an eclectic pizza menu ranging in toppings, Petaluma offers classics like the New York Style Pizza and Margherita, while also serving more unique pies like the Breakfast Pizza (covered in bacon, sausage, and a farm-fresh sunny side up egg), and the Melanzana (topped with fried eggplant, mozzarella, and ricotta). All of which make for some of the best thin crust pizza in the Upper East Side.

Pizza Suprema

Knicks and Rangers fans are all too familiar with this fantastic pizza shop located on the corner directly across from Madison Square Garden. Pizza Suprema was actually established in 1964, which was before The Garden’s relocation to 8th Avenue; an opportune moment that the shop did not take for granted. While they may have started out humble, serving nothing more than slices of plain cheese pizza, Pizza Suprema grew, now serving a wide range of pies today that most New Yorkers will agree is possibly the best in Manhattan, and a surefire way to get over any home-game losses at MSG.


There are quite a few pizza restaurants throughout New York with some variation of the name “Mario,” but only one is known to have turned down an offer to have a scene from The Godfather filmed within its walls because of its family friendly philosophy. Mario Migliucci started his aptly named restaurant 92 years ago, and to this day serves some of the finest Italian dishes in New York City.

When ordering pizza here, you may be a bit confused, as it isn’t actually listed on the restaurant’s menu. However, you can ask your waiter for either a small or large depending on how hungry you are. It’s a traditional recipe with a thick, charred crust and robust tomato sauce that will surely have you coming back for seconds.

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