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New York City rarely falls short of expectations when it comes to restaurants. Steakhouses are no exception. There are plenty of options available for those looking for some high-quality steak. You can go many different routes but we’ve got some of the best steakhouses in NYC on this list. Let’s dig in.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

This popular chain can be found globally. Some of the areas include Japan, China, Hawaii, Manila, and Singapore. As far as NYC goes, there are five Wolfgang’s Steakhouse locations. Whether you’re after some filet mignon, ribeye, or even a burger, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse has you covered. They even have seafood options and poultry.

Peter Luger Steak House

No NYC steakhouse list would feel right if Peter Luger wasn’t on the list. The chain of steakhouses has been open since 1887. There is a location in Brooklyn and one in Long Island. Peter Luger boasts about its use of USDA Prime meat.

Smith & Wollensky

With a rich history dating back to 1977, Smith & Wollensky is recognized as one of the top steakhouses in NYC. With a slew of top-notch filet mignon and prime steak options, many have gone to this steakhouse regularly over other options. The steakhouse also provides an option to host private events on the second floor.

Uncle Jack’s

There are two Uncle Jack’s locations. One is in Westside Manhattan, the other is located in Bayside Queens. Uncle Jack dry ages its rib steak anywhere between 28 and 35 days. You can enjoy prime filet mignon and prime boneless NY strip steak among other options at Uncle Jack’s.

Frankie & Johnnie’s Steakhouse

Frankie & Johnnie’s Steakhouse dates all the way back to 1926. There are two Manhattan locations and a Westchester location. To go along with the premium steak options on the menu, there is also a wide selection of wines to choose from. The price of the wine varies depending on whether you want a glass or a bottle. There are different bottle sizes. The steakhouse also has Champagne.

There is a near-endless amount of steakhouses in NYC. Many of them are worthy of your time, especially the ones that have been featured on this list.


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