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The culinary world is an ever changing microcosm of innovation, styles, and trends. Nowhere is that more evident than in New York City. In order for newly developed restaurants to stake their claims in the nation’s largest concrete jungle, if they aren’t simply relying on exquisite taste to brand themselves, they must join the innovators and trendsetters. With that said, below are the year’s biggest food trends in New York City thus far.

Asian Fusion

A growing trend that can actually be found in several cities is the combination of Japanese and Mexican food. Restaurants like Takumi Taco in Chelsea and Las Olas Sushi Bar and Grill in Hoboken capture the eclectic flavors of Japan and the traditional spices of Mexico. However, the merging of tastes does not end there. Several places around New York city seek to mix sushi, traditional Chinese, American dishes, and more. Another growing dish that was spawned from this frenzy of combinations is the sushi taco; one of the most popular meals in innovative Asian restaurants today.

Adult Desserts

A popular trend among millennials today is somehow incorporating their favorite childhood snacks into everyday cuisine, adding an “adult” twist. Many restaurants today have picked up on this fad, and have done just that. From alcoholic milkshakes to lava cakes, New York City has begun incorporating more creativity in its dessert menus. Odd Fellows Ice Cream for example, has a brioche bun ice cream sandwich, black chocolate stout ice cream, and a spiced pineapple sorbet.

Peculiar Pastas

Nearly everyone can appreciate a traditional spaghetti and meatball dish, which is why more and more restaurants are adding their twists on this home cooked meal. Pasta is now being served in ways that would have Italian grandmothers scratching their heads in confusion. Allora Ristorante in Midtown Manhattan offers a single noodle that stretches anywhere from 24 to 30 feet that is capable of serving an entire family. While this may sound absurd, it is a delicious meal consisting of pork, beef, meatballs, and a robust tomato sauce. At New York’s Max Brenner restaurant, you can even find a chocolate pasta dish made from ribboned crepes and a combination of milk and dark chocolate.

Complex Cocktails
Incorporating some science and creativity into drinks is a big thing in the New York bar scene today. For bars and restaurants, the key is attention to detail. Cocktails with peppermint leaves, fruit, and unusual ingredients must be handled with care in order to pull off a delicious drink. Some of New York City’s more popular alcoholic concoctions include the Pimm’s Cup, Mezcal Mule, Roman Highball, and the Bitter Mai Tai.

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