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With Summertime about to be in full swing, one of the most popular foods in New York City tends to be a simple one – the hotdog. Hotdogs can be a great snack to munch on as you walk the streets of New York or when you’re watching a baseball game, and there’s plenty of options all around the city to choose from. With so many incredible options, you’re probably wondering which locations should be at the top of your New York City hot dog crawl. Well, look no further, we’ve got you covered.


Before Nathan’s became famous, there was a place called Feltman’s, a hot dog joint owned by Charles Feltman and the establishment that is often credited as the first place to put a hot dog in a bun back in 1867.

Before the establishment went bust in 1946, it was one of the most successful beer gardens and hot-dog shops in the city. Fast forward 70 years, and Michael Quinn, a tour guide, purchased the name and the recipe. The original red hot was incredibly balanced and had a notable snap, and it was served on a Martin’s bun with homemade mustard.

There’s a new location for Feltman’s in Coney Island’s Luna Park, but it’s another great option is the takeout window at Theatre 80 St. Marks, where you can often find Mike Quinn himself cooking up some red hot franks.

PDT (Please Don’t Tell) Cliff’s Hot Dog

While you’re drinking your craft cocktail, indulge in some Jersey-style hot dogs at this East Village restaurant. Even though they’re deep-fried, they still taste great. There are many great options to choose from, such as the Chang Dog, which is a bacon-wrapped hot dog that’s topped with kimchee from the nearby noodle bar of Momofuku’s David Chang. In an effort to improve their food, the PDT crew would sometimes pay the drinks tab of David Chang in exchange for the top spot on their menu.

Boys Don’t Cry

If you’re itching to try something a little different with your hot dogs, then this is the place to go. Instead of the traditional hot dog bun, Boys Don’t Cry wraps your frank in a scallion pancake that’s been drenched in hot sambal and Chinese mustard, and they’ll also add sliced-scallion confetti to it.

The establishment uses Brooklyn Hot Dog Company’s signature frank and they’re often topped with a crunchy fried onion and a secret sauce that’s similar to a turkey sandwich. This dog, known as The Chuck, was inspired by a BDC regular who came up with the idea after the restaurant ran out of hot dog buns.

Katz Delicatessan

Katz is known for a lot of things, but one item that is often overlooked is their fantastic hot dogs. Katz is one of those restaurants where you can find absolutely any and everything you might want on a classic New York frank: the flavor of a greasy old griddle, the perfect amount of char, and an insatiable blending of spices all in a soft, classic roll. Many food aficionados go to Katz specifically for the hot dogs, but there are those who will go for a full course meal featuring one of their classic dogs as both an appetizer AND a dessert.

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