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Victor Jung

Fine dining or quality food may not come to mind when you are stuck at an airport waiting for your next flight, but if you have a few hours to kill, why not seek out the best restaurant you can find? It certainly beats the ridiculously priced pre-made sandwiches and bottles of water found throughout the terminal. While hot food is not allowed on a flight, indulging before you take off is. Here are some of the best places to eat in airports all across the United States.


Deep Blue Sushi, JFK International

Queens, New York

Much like gas station sushi, airport sushi may not appeal to many people. However, Deep Blue serves some incredible sushi in a city well known for its culinary diversity. They serve, of course, an eclectic array of sushi, pad Thai, and even seafood filets to make your airport experience just a little more bearable.


Obrycki’s Restaurant & Bar, BWI Airport

Baltimore, Maryland

The food at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport is not unlike that of its surrounding city. Well known for its delicious crab, Baltimore asks those leaving to enjoy one last dish before taking flight at Obrycki’s Restaurant & Bar; a spot serving delicious crab cakes, bloody maries, roasted oysters, and an array of seafood. For those arriving, why not indulge in food the city is known for as your very first meal?


Tony Luke’s, Philadelphia International

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

While the argument of where to find the best cheesesteak in Philly rages on, you can take a break from the chaos and enjoy one of the best at Tony Luke’s in Philadelphia International. With crisp, freshly baked bread, thinly sliced black angus rib-eye, and a choice of American, provolone, or Kraft Cheez Wiz, eating here before a flight will have you sleeping soundly until you reach your destination.


Blancos Tacos & Tequila, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Phoenix, Arizona

What better meal to have in the Southwest than a traditional Mexican-American dish with a side of tequila to ease you into your flight? Blancos Tacos & Tequila at Phoenix’s main airport serves some of the best tacos and burritos in the area, as well as several other Mexican dishes. Their drink menu and margaritas are on par with their food, so if flying is not your forte, one or two of these should help.


Cask & Larder, Orlando International

Orlando, Florida

Many people may expect food in the Sunshine State to be mostly hispanic-influenced, and while this is often the case, Orlando has much more to offer. Cask & Larder is a beautiful, organic farm-to-table restaurant located in Orlando International that serves traditional southern recipes and craft beers; some of the best comfort food in the city. Prices here are relatively low as well, so if that airline ticket put your checking account in red, this restaurant is a great financial option.

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