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Pickleball Near Me

Pickleball, a sport that blends elements of badminton, ping pong, and tennis, has seen a massive surge in popularity in recent years. As a result, many New Yorkers are eager to join the fun and learn how to play this exciting game. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various options for “pickleball lessons near me” in New York City, catering to beginners, intermediate, and advanced players, as well as indoor and outdoor court options, local clubs, and online tutorials.

Short Summary

  • New York City offers a variety of pickleball lessons and courts for players of all skill levels.
  • Private and group pickleball lessons are available, as well as outdoor and indoor courts.
  • Online tutorials, local clubs & organizations provide additional resources to learn & improve skills in the sport.

Finding Pickleball Courts near me in New York City

Pickleball Near Me - A group of people playing pickleball on a court

In New York City, you will find numerous opportunities to learn and play pickleball. From sports centers like Alfred E. Smith Recreation Center and Gertrude Ederle Recreation Center to clinics and leagues at Chelsea Piers, there is something for everyone. Additionally, NYC is not far away. Parks offers pickleball courts for free play and open game sessions, making it easy to find the perfect venue for your skill level and interests.

Pickleball, the fastest-growing sport, combines the best aspects of badminton, ping pong, and tennis into an exciting and accessible game. With the numerous options for pickleball lessons and courts in New York City, anyone can find the right opportunity to learn and improve their skills.


For those who are new to the sport, pickleball lessons for beginners are available at NYC Pickleball, 14th Street Y, and through summer clinics. Baisley Blvd is another location where you can find pickleball courts and lessons. These beginner-friendly lessons will introduce you to the fundamentals of the game, allowing you to quickly grasp the rules and techniques required for competitive play.

Beginner open-play groups are also available in New York City, providing a fantastic opportunity to learn the basics of the game while interacting with other players. With pickleball recognized as one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States, joining a beginner open-play group is an excellent way to become part of this exciting community.

Intermediate Players

For intermediate players looking to elevate their game, there are several options for pickleball lessons in New York City. You may find classes offered at public pickleball courts, indoor pickleball courts, pickleball clubs, and recreation centers across the city.

In Hell’s Kitchen, two recently established indoor pickleball courts offer lessons and training opportunities for intermediate players. Additionally, online tutorials and local clubs can provide valuable resources for players looking to improve their skills and advance in the game.

Advanced Players

For advanced players seeking to further refine their abilities, there are specialized pickleball lessons available in New York City. These lessons focus on more complex strategies and techniques, helping players become even more competitive in the sport.

Semi-private and private lessons for advanced players can be found at various locations in NYC, including the 14th Street Y and the NYC Pickleball Community. Both of these organizations offer advanced pickleball lessons led by experienced instructors, concentrating on refining technique, strategy, and overall game play.


Two people playing pickleball on an outdoor court

When it comes to pickleball lessons, there are two primary options: private and group lessons. Private lessons involve one-on-one coaching, providing more personalized attention, while group lessons are more cost-effective and offer the chance to practice with others.

Both types of lessons have their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your individual preferences, goals, and prior experience.

Private Lessons

Private pickleball lessons consist of one-on-one or small group instruction with a certified pickleball instructor. This personalized coaching allows for more tailored instruction and feedback, helping you quickly improve your skills and master the game.

The cost of private pickleball lessons can vary, depending on the instructor and the duration of the lesson. Generally, private lessons are priced between $50 and $100 per hour.

In New York City, certified instructors for private lessons can be found at two of the newest indoor pickleball courts in Hell’s Kitchen or at Life Time fitness center, which is opening the first-ever permanent indoor pickleball club.

Group Lessons

Group pickleball lessons involve multiple students learning together under the guidance of an experienced instructor. These classes typically have a capacity of 8-10 participants, ensuring that everyone receives adequate attention and instruction.

Group lessons are usually scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, with the instructor providing the schedule and players attending the classes at designated times. While group lessons may not provide the same degree of individualized attention as private lessons, they offer a more affordable option and the opportunity to practice with others.


A group of people playing pickleball on an outdoor court, perfect for pickleball lessons near me

Whether you prefer to play indoors or outdoors, New York City offers a variety of pickleball court options for lessons and practice. From outdoor courts at Wollman Rink in Central Park to indoor facilities at various recreation centers, there are numerous locations to choose from.

Outdoor Courts

There is no shortage of outdoor pickleball courts in New York City for those who want to enjoy the sport in the fresh air. John J. Carty Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 2, Sol Lain Playground, Carl Schurz Park, and Wollman Rink in Central Park boast outdoor pickleball courts. Additionally, you can consult the “Where to Play” guide for a comprehensive list of outdoor pickleball courts in New York City suitable for lessons.

Outdoor courts provide an excellent opportunity to practice your skills and participate in open play with other enthusiasts. Many public parks in NYC offer pickleball courts, making it easy to find a location near you. Just grab your paddle and ball, and you’re ready to hit the court!

Indoor Courts

For those who prefer to play pickleball indoors, there are several options available in New York City. Indoor courts can be found at various recreation centers in Manhattan, such as Alfred E. Smith Recreation Center, Gertrude Ederle Recreation Center, and Jackie Robinson Recreation Center.

For a more high-end experience, consider the indoor pickleball courts at Life Time Sky in Hell’s Kitchen. Indoor courts provide a climate-controlled environment, allowing for comfortable play year-round. Whether you’re looking to escape the summer heat or the winter chill, indoor pickleball courts in NYC offer the perfect solution for players of all skill levels.


In addition to private and group lessons, many NYC parks offer pickleball classes and lessons for players of all skill levels. From Chelsea Recreation Center and Wollman Rink in Central Park to Balgriffin. Park’s tennis courts with pickleball lines, there are plenty of options for those looking to learn and improve their game in a fun, outdoor setting.

Pickleball is a great way to stay active and have fun with friends and family. With the variety of classes and lessons available, it’s easy to find something that fits your skill level and schedule.


For those in the Bronx seeking pickleball lessons, TCR – The Club of Riverdale is a renowned location featuring one indoor acrylic court and offering lessons. Additionally, Bronx River Park provides pickleball classes for all skill levels, ensuring that everyone can find the right opportunity to learn and improve their game.

Apart from these dedicated facilities, there are several parks in the Bronx that feature pickleball courts, making it easy to find a location near you. Just grab your paddle and ball, and you’re ready to hit the court!


Manhattan residents have several options for pickleball lessons and classes, with Central Park’s Wollman Rink and Brooklyn Bridge Park being popular choices. Additionally, the North Meadow Rec Center handball courts on 97th street boast a thriving community of year-round players, making it an excellent location to practice and improve your skills.

There are numerous other parks and recreation centers throughout Manhattan offering pickleball lessons and open play opportunities. With so many choices available, it’s easy to find the perfect venue to learn and play this exciting sport.


In Queens, the Commonpoint Queens Tennis and Athletic Center at Alley Pond Park offers pickleball classes for those looking to learn and improve their game. Additionally, Astoria Park is renowned for its pickleball courts, making it a popular destination for players in the area.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, there are plenty of opportunities to learn and play pickleball in Queens. With numerous parks and facilities offering lessons and open play, you’re sure to find a location that suits your needs.

Staten Island

For Staten Island residents, Ocean Breeze and Fairview Park offer pickleball classes, providing a variety of options for players of all skill levels. Fairview Park features three courts, ensuring ample space for lessons and practice.

Another option for pickleball enthusiasts in Staten Island is Skyline Playground, situated on Arnold St. between Prospect Ave. and Harvard Ave., and Clyde Pl. With several locations to choose from, Staten Island residents can easily find a convenient location to learn and play pickleball.


A pickleball court in Hell's Kitchen

For those in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of NYC, there are exciting new pickleball lesson options available. Two indoor pickleball courts have recently opened in Hell’s Kitchen, offering classes, tournaments, and training for players of all skill levels.

Additionally, a luxurious gym located at 605 W42nd Street and 11th Avenue provides open play, classes, and one-on-one coaching.


Aside from in-person lessons and classes, there are various other resources available to help you learn and improve your pickleball skills. Online tutorials provide a convenient way to learn at your own pace.

Local clubs and organizations offer opportunities for networking and skill improvement.

Online Tutorials

Online pickleball tutorials offer players the opportunity to learn and improve their skills from the comfort of home. These resources often cover basic pickleball skills, advanced strategies, and drills, catering to players of all skill levels.

Some popular online tutorials include those provided by Sara Ansboury Pickleball Academy, Top Court, High Performance Pickleball Academy, JoAnne, PickleballByPros, Pickleball Master Course, and Morgan Evans. No matter your skill level or preferred learning style, there is an online tutorial available to help you master the game of pickleball.

Local Clubs

Local pickleball clubs and organizations in NYC offer additional resources for players looking to improve their skills and network with fellow enthusiasts. These clubs often provide access to both indoor and outdoor courts, as well as hosting tournaments, events, and social gatheringsfor members.

Some popular options for playing pickleball in New York City include the two new indoor courts in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC Parks pickleball courts, and Life Time athletic club. By joining a local club or organization, you can further develop your skills, make new friends, and become part of the growing pickleball community.


In conclusion, New York City offers a wealth of opportunities for those looking to learn and play pickleball. With numerous options for lessons, courts, and resources available, it’s never been easier to join the growing community of pickleball enthusiasts in the city. So grab your paddle and ball, and get ready to embark on a thrilling new adventure in the world of pickleball!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to learn pickleball?

If you are looking to learn pickleball, the best way is to find someone who can give you guidance and tips. Start with friends, family, or local pickleball clubs for an introduction and instruction on the basics.

It is also beneficial to watch online videos and read guides for an even better understanding of the game. With these resources, you can get a great start to your pickleball journey.

Where can I play pickleball in West Village?

If you’re looking for pickleball in the West Village, your best bet is to visit Court 16 Tennis – Manhattan which is 1.9 mi away, CityPickle which is 2.9 mi away, or Tennis Innovators which is 2.6 mi away.

All of these facilities offer excellent pickleball services.

Where can I find beginner pickleball lessons in New York City?

If you’re looking for beginner pickleball lessons in New York City, NYC Pickleball, 14th Street Y, and summer clinics are great places to start.

Are there indoor and outdoor pickleball courts available in NYC?

Based on the reviews, it is clear that there are several indoor and outdoor pickleball courts available in New York City. The facilities offer lessons and practice for all levels of skill.

What are the differences between private and group pickleball lessons?

Private pickleball lessons offer individualized instruction tailored to the student’s specific needs, while group lessons provide the opportunity to learn with and from other players in a cost-effective way.

These lessons can help players of all levels improve their game, from beginners who are just starting out to experienced players looking to refine their skills. With the right instruction, pickleball can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


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