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The rampant spread of COVID-19 prevents individuals from engaging in many different public activities that include dining. The virus is a particular concern in the hard-hit state of New York. As such, a number of New York City restaurants made the decision to convert into markets, which enables people to purchase food items once used for meal preparation. The long list of quality ingredients are also being offered at affordable prices.Several Apples Beside Bread Pack And Brown Paper Bag 1992912

Hill Country Barbecue Market

The popular Texas-style BBQ restaurant offers a wide selection of cooked and uncooked sealed meats, fresh produce, and other foodstuffs in addition to paper products for delivery or pickup. Customers may additionally order alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Salads, side dishes, sandwiches, sauces, and seasonings are also available for purchase.

Loi Estiatorio

The Midtown West Greek restaurant is offering delivery, pickup, and take-out options for the convenience and safety of patrons. Consumers may order everything from appetizers, soups and salads to entrees, sides, desserts, and specials. The venue is also offering flavored olive oils and Greek yogurt. Clients need to merely place an order and decide whether to pick-up the items or choose a delivery service.


The Lower East Side bar enables clients to order a large selection of American-style breakfast, brunch, and dinner online. However, recently, the venue also converted their dining room into a minimart for local residents. The facility offers processed meats, fresh produce, butter, cheeses, eggs, milk, and wines for the convenience of people in the neighborhood. The facility is also offering hand sanitizer, as well.

Rhodora Wine Bar

The Brooklyn wine bar plans on offering bottles of wine, dairy products, produce, and common pantry items in boxes for pick-up or delivery. The facility is also offering canned seafood that is normally featured on the venue’s menu. Simply visit the website and choose one or more of the pre-packaged boxes.

Benjamin Steakhouse

The popular steakhouse now offers consumers the opportunity to purchase the quality meats that are typically used to create their mouth-watering meals. Prepare the prime cuts of meat at home. Delivery or take-out purchases include bacon slabs, filet mignon, hamburger patties, porterhouse steaks, rib-eye steaks, strip steaks, and racks of lamb. Seafood offerings include salmon and tuna steaks. Prepared menu items are also still available as desired.

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