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What kinds of food do you think will become more popular in 2018? What innovative dishes will restaurants begin to embrace this new year? Well, there are definitely some hints about what is going to happen based on what has started to take hold in 2017.

Burgers of Various Meats

The hamburger is the all-American food, but it has already largely been perfected, and done time and time again. When someone pulls into their favorite fast food joint these days, they want something that will surprise and challenge their taste buds a little more. This is why many restaurants have started to produce burgers made of alternative meats, some of which even being plant-based.

Elk meat is among some of the more unique hamburger products. Shake Shack takes it up another notch by offering eel burgers. It may sound a bit unusual at first, but just remember how something like sushi sounded strange to many people when that first became popular.

Snacks on the Go

Snacking is a trend that is growing in popularity, with many claiming that it boasts various health benefits. Rather than eating regulated meals at exact times like many people did in the past (and still do today), a lot of us have taken up snacking as a way of eating throughout the day. It just might work better for our busy schedules, and our health at the same time.

2018 will bring us more convenient snacking options as “snack boxes” continue to grow in popularity. These are quite literally plastic boxes that one can purchase at their local grocer which are already pre-filled with delicious and nutritious snack options.

Fancy Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Craft beverages are all the rage at local bars in suburban and urban areas, and people have now become accustomed to ordering fancier, more complex drinks in general. That is great for them, but those who do not drink alcohol might like to have a taste of those fancy drinks as well.

Last year already started to bring hand-crafted non-alcoholic drinks to bars around the country. If you want a non-alcoholic cocktail, you can now experience such recipes in many bars and restaurants today. “Mocktails,” as they are often referred to as, combine the delicious flavors of perfectly crafted drinks without the alcohol; a great alternative to those not to keen booze.

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