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New York City features some of the world’s best food choices. People who are stuck in their homes because of quarantine orders or live far away from the city can have some of NYC’s finest meals delivered to their homes. Here are some of the most legendary NYC foods that can be delivered.

Roberta’s Wood-Fired Pizzas

Many of NYC’s pizza shop owners like to boast that their pizza is the best, but Roberta’s has the reviews to back up its claim. Even Beyoncé and Hillary Clinton have given Roberta’s rave reviews. Wood-fired pizzas come with various toppings (including vegetarian options) can be shipped frozen to locations that are far outside the city.

Katz’s Kosher Deli Meats

Katz’s Delicatessen has been serving New York’s Jewish community and other kosher food lovers since 1888. Pastrami and other delicious deli meats that adhere to all kosher dietary restrictions are available for delivery. Mini latkes, matzoh ball soup, and babka can also be ordered. It’s even possible to order full meal packages for Rosh Hashanah and other Jewish holidays.

Breads Bakery Baked Goods

Flourless brownie cake, chocolate rugelach, and cinnamon babka are just a few of the baked goods that can be ordered from Breads Bakery. The three-pack loaf cake combo can also help anyone satisfy their sweet craving.

Walter’s Hot Dogs

Though its location is technically situated just outside of the city in Mamaroneck, Walter’s Hot Dogs has been serving some of the best NYC-inspired hot dogs since 1919. Packs that contain 12 or 24 hot dogs can be ordered online. The pigs in a blanket 24-pack combo is another popular option. Walter’s Mustard, which is made with a special blend, can also be ordered.

Junior’s New York Cheesecake

This Brooklyn establishment uses some of the finest ingredients to craft its delectable cheesecakes. Each cheesecake weighs around three pounds, which is sizable enough to feed up to 14 people. A sponge cake bottom is added to every cheesecake to produce the most satisfying taste and texture with every bite. Plain cheesecakes along with cheesecakes that are topped with strawberries are available for order.

No matter what type of NYC food that’s craved, it’s likely possible to have it delivered. These legendary NYC foods can be enjoyed in the comfort of a home setting without having to venture to the Big Apple.


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