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New York City isn’t nicknamed the “Crossroads of the World” for nothing. If you’d rather not book a plane ticket for a trip around the world, the multicultural melting pot that is NYC’s myriad of bustling boroughs is an international destination all on its own. The subsequent dining experiences it has to offer are incomparable. Check out this list for a quick guide on how to dine around the world all in one city:

  1. Woorijip Korean Restaurant

Beneath the shadow of the Empire State Building, you’ll find generous and reasonably priced buffet offerings in Koreatown’s Woorijip Korean Restaurant. This no frills eatery slings savory favorites like bulgogi and veggie bibimbap, plus, more obscure dishes you might struggle to find anywhere else in Koreatown.

  1. Queen of Sheba

If you’re looking for a quick afternoon visit to Ethiopia, then look no further than Queen of Sheba. From the moment you step inside, the warm, comforting smell of curry envelops you; your eyes take in the intricately carved dining chairs and colorful straw tables. Next, it’s all about what your taste buds take in, like flaky tilapia, hearty lamb stew, and injira— a complimentary sourdough-risen flatbread.

  1. SriPraPhai Thai Food

SriPraPhai Thai Food is the destination to cheer you up during times of inclement weather with no passport stamps required. The extensive menu might seem a little overwhelming to the uninitiated guest, but if you can’t make up your mind, tom-kha soup, drunken noodles, or the chef’s signature crispy pork basil is definitely the way to go. Top it all off with a refreshing dessert of lychee sherbet or green tea ice cream.

  1. Almayass

Kebab enthusiasts won’t be able to get enough of the Armenian-infused Lebanese menu of Flatiron’s Almayass. Choose from lentil kofta (a vegetarian alternative to the meatball) and more carnivore-friendly options like the charbroiled beef kebab. Don’t forget a hefty serving of pita bread and freshly blended hummus as well.

  1. Taverna Kyclades

Who hasn’t dreamed of spending a summer evening or two exploring the coastal city of Mykonos? A trip to Taverna Kyclades may offer more sounds of fluttering traffic than gently breaking ocean waves, but it’s certainly close enough to a night in Greece. Seafood lovers shouldn’t miss the restaurant’s tantalizing octopus or Greek sea bass; those who fancy turf will water at the mouth for decadent feta dips and spanakopita, or spinach pie.

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