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The popularity of outdoor seating areas has been gaining root rapidly for both customers and restaurant owners, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it’s important to maximize on outdoor space, restaurant owners should strive to make the space both functional and desirable. An outdoor area with so many pilled tables can create an unpleasant dining experience for the customers. Besides utilizing an outdoor area for the optimal seating arrangement, a few other steps can maximize the use of this space. A few enhancements can help ensure that the outdoor dining area is functional all year round in cold or rainy weather.

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1. Create More Outdoor Space

There are several creative ways for restaurant owners to expand and establish outdoor dining space. In major cities, the government closed vehicle traffic streets to allow the food-services business to extend their outdoor dining area to the sidewalk and streets. Restaurants located outside the towns use large tents in their parking area to accommodate more outdoor diners. If a restaurant is located on a flat roof building, they can transform the top into a unique outdoor seating space. They can also have a more permanent patio by building a deck attached to the restaurant.

2. Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Lighting plays a significant part in creating ambience and attracting customers. If not carefully designed, some seating areas may end up being over lit while others are alone in a dark corner. Soft lighting enhances relaxation and encourages customers to stay longer.

3. Choose the Appropriate Furniture

Choosing the right type of furniture for outdoor space is essential. The furniture needs to be flexible and waterproof. More importantly, it should be comfortable and functional. The outdoor tables and chairs are exposed to varying weather. Therefore, it should be durable and able to handle the conditions. If worried about security, the furniture should be flexible for easy stacking inside the restaurant when closing the restaurant.

4. Invest in Outdoor Heaters

The goal is to extend the usable outdoor space as much as possible. Using the patio in the cold evenings, the fall or possibly into the winter can increase revenue. Adding outdoor patio heaters can help because they can keep customers warm and comfortable.

These simple steps can help make seating and eating outdoors successful. Keeping customers comfortable, happy, and with full bellies can ensure return visits and increased revenue.



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