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New York City, being among the hardest hit by COVID-19, shows the U.S. nation what it means to heroically sustain its food supplies without interruption. “Social distancing,” though a necessary measure within a viral pandemic, has led to a sharp decline in economic growth that businesses in 2020 are all affected by. New York’s restaurants have all but gone under—in the wake of COVID-19’s quarantine.

New York City, nonetheless, has managed to keep some of its food chains operating with a keen intent of feeding its first responders. Vast groups of chefs, waiters, and cooks have quit their jobs in New York’s restaurants for fear of being exposed to a highly contagious virus. The employees of major businesses in New York’s food chain who have remained are leading an unprecedented charge in employment.

Here’s a look at those contributors in New York’s food chain within a viral pandemic:


Some factory drivers are encouraged by the solitude of the roads during 2020’s pandemic. These professionals have to be keen and careful, knowing that the loads they transport will feed people in need of nourishment. Though distant through the nature of their work, drivers must wear gloves and masks after leaving warehouses.


Laborers who stock food items have the benefit of working in settings where others won’t be encountered. The precautions that stockers take against COVID-19 ensure that they can handle packaged food in a manner that doesn’t contaminate it.


Food orders in a pandemic are eventually sent to retail locations, so purchasing managers still need to organize supplies, shipments and old inventory within their stores. The retail section of New York’s food supply is where restaurants get a look at the array of foods that they’ll later prepare.


The public kitchens of New York City remain open but with a smaller staff of often a single person. Just a single cook, when starting early and ending late, achieves enough to prepare hundreds of meals when those meals are pre-ordered.


Nonprofit funding is a huge factor behind the consistent work of supply chains within New York restaurants. Much of New York’s funding for supply chains is set aside for first responders. Delivery fleets might be sanitized more often than usual, but deliverymen are now safely transporting nutritious meals to New York’s people.

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