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For those not well versed in the world of spirits and cocktails, gin and tonics may be the only drink that comes to mind when thinking of beverages with gin as their primary ingredient. However, because of its herbal taste, gin can create truly eclectic drinks incorporating a vast array of ingredients and flavors, which is why your next cocktail party or trip to the bar should consist of any one of the following beverages.


Consisting of sweet vermouth and campari, this gin drink makes for a perfect appetizer refresher. Though the bitterness of campari may shy away less experienced drinkers, combining it with the sweet vermouth creates a much smoother taste, and the gin’s botanical flavors bring out the drink’s potency.


Aside from the drink’s name being fun to say, the Floradora is a delicious gin drink that harnesses the flavors of raspberry, lime, and ginger ale. It is a very easy drink to make, which is why it is perfect for cocktail parties, especially during the summer months. Its simplicity and refreshing taste has people coming back for more quite frequently.

Monkey Gland

This refreshing drink includes orange juice and grenadine, making it a truly sweet gin drink perfect for summer. There are many recipes that include a splash of absinthe for a little added flavor, but it is important to do so carefully, as too much can easily ruin the flavor. While the origin of the Monkey Gland’s name is a little odd, the drink itself is absolutely one that must be tried.

Corpse Reviver

While this drink has a name vastly different from the previously mentioned Floradora, the Corpse Reviver was aptly named for its ability to refuel any unfortunate soul experiencing the symptoms of excessive drinking from the previous night. This drink can be made with either gin or brandy, but the several other ingredients involved tend to mix better with the flavors of gin. Combing lillet blanc, lime, orange liqueur, and just a pinch of absinthe, the Corpse Reviver is a perfect afternoon cocktail.

New Orleans Fizz

One of the more difficult gin cocktails to make, the New Orleans Fizz is a delicious drink of which the end results are worth the preparation. Its ingredients include citrus, syrup cream, an egg white, and orange flower water. This may seem excessive, but all of these flavors combined with gin create a delectable beverage the slushy lovers will adore. The egg is important for bringing each flavor together, so don’t be lazy and skip any step.


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