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Manhattan boasts some of the finest fast-casual restaurants in all of New York City. These restaurants make it possible to enjoy a tasty meal on the go that’s excellent in both quality and portion size. Here are five of Manhattan’s top fast-casual restaurants.

Burger Joint

Anyone who craves a juicy hamburger can dine at this establishment, which is located inside the Parker Hotel New York on West 56th Street. The only drawback here is the long line that often forms because of the restaurant’s popularity, but the excellent burgers and delicious sides make the wait worthwhile. In addition to classic hamburgers and cheeseburgers, the restaurant offers French fries, brownies and even wine and beer to go along with a meal.


Schnippers has a few locations throughout the city, but arguably the most popular one is in Times Square at 8th Avenue and 41st Street. Favorites here include the bacon cheeseburger, crispy chicken sandwich and super creamy mac and cheese. Anyone who wants a lighter bite to eat can order a grilled salmon or marinated tofu salad.

Bāng Bar

Located on the third floor of the mall at Columbus Circle, this cashless eatery serves Asian-inspired breakfasts and lunches to hungry patrons. Bāng, which is a Korean flat bread, can be filled with chicken or spicy pork or eggplant. Bāng filled with cinnamon sugar or smoked salmon and cream cheese makes a tasty breakfast. Vietnamese coffee and Mexican Coke are also on the menu.

Melt Shop

Whether diners choose to visit the Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen or Midtown West location of this fast-casual restaurant, they will always have the opportunity to order delectable favorites like the chicken and burger melts and the grilled cheese sandwich. Tater tots and salads are the perfect side options. The eatery even features a kids’ menu and offers catering boxes.

Corner Slice

This establishment at Gotham West Market offers a new spin on the classic pizza slice. Diners can order a square slice that’s made from spelt and durum wheat that has been freshly milled. Savory tomatoes, roasted garlic, and sweet Sicilian oregano are used to bring out the full flavor in each slice. Patrons can order pizza by the slice or whole pies and pay less than what they would at many other NYC pizzerias.

Dining at any of these fast-casual establishments will be great for people who want a quick bite to eat while still enjoying the experience of eating out at a restaurant. From delicious main courses to satisfying sides, these restaurants can offer each customer a complete dining experience.

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