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There is no shortage of restaurants to choose from in New York City, but we’ve narrowed it down to a select few. The winter time means no one wants to stop at a food stand for a quick bite. Check out these restaurants below to discover some of the best places to eat when the winter cold is forcing you to stay indoors.


Tomiño Taberna Gallega

Located in Little Italy, Tomiño serves grilled prawns, empanada gallega, and a large array of other genuine Italian food. The menu was created with the help of the famous Galician chef Lucia Freitas. A must try dish at Tomiño is the tapas.

Le Coucou

This French restaurant is one of the best dining experiences in the entire city. The interior is well-lit and elegant, featuring several chandeliers and lots of seating. The restaurant is run by legendary culinary expert Stephen Starr and chef Daniel Rose.

Los Tacos No. 1

Located in Chelsea Market, this in-door taco stand has long lines and very little seating; however, the food is worth any trouble you’ll have finding a table. Los Tacos No. 1 has some of the best tacos in the city. They have a variety of different types of tacos to choose from including tacos asada, tacos pollo, and tacos nopal.

Fish Cheeks

Anyone looking for something different should try Fish Cheeks. The interior is brightly decorated with a bar area. The restaurant serves Thai food, and the menu includes items such as Manila clams, crab curry, fried chicken wings, and more.


This popular restaurant also has a bar, a constantly changing menu, and brunch. Fans of Frenchette never know what they’ll be trying when they visit. Frenchette is open for lunch and offers breakfast on the weekends. Stop in to try their rotisserie lobster, scrambled eggs, or charred carrots.

Xi’an Famous Foods

This local chain of restaurants has more than a dozen locations in the city. However, it began as just a single food stand. Some of the more popular dishes at Xi’an Famous Foods are the cumin lamb and the cold-skin noodles.


This coffee shop and cafe offers a menu full of Malaysian specialties. Menu items include chicken wrapped in pandan leaves, coconut rice with fried anchovies, pan mee, and more.[/fusion_text]

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