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The world lost a food icon in Anthony Bourdain this past month, who was just 61 years old. Bourdain was known for his unique combination of edginess and eloquence while providing viewers of his show, Parts Unknown, with tremendous insight into foods and cultures all over the world. However, being from New York City himself, some of his most memorable episodes took place here in his hometown. The following are a few NYC restaurants that Bourdain blessed with his presence during his gratifying time on this earth. Anthony-Bourdain

188 Cuchifritos

His first episode in the Big Apple took place in the Bronx where he indulged in traditional Puerto Rican cuisine at 188 Bakery Cuchifritos. This small restaurant is known for its deep-fried pork products, which Bourdain graciously deemed “the center of the pork universe.” Cuchifrito refers to various fried foods from (mostly pork-based) incorporated in Puerto Rican or Spanish dishes. In this episode, Bourdain orders several enormous plates of pork, as well as chicharrones and blood sausage.

Barry’s West Indian & American Restaurant

Anthony Bourdain had a knack for finding smaller, relatively unknown businesses that served some of the most criminally underrated foods in their respective regions. Barry’s is no exception. This Jamaican bar served even more pork products, with Bourdain ordering the pigtail stew, Wray & Nephew white rum, and a bottle of Red Stripe.

Yu Garden Dumpling House

Located in Flushing, Queens, Yu Garden Dumpling House is considered one of the best locations for a dumpling lunch in the area. In this episode, Bourdain, alongside Queens-based rapper Heems, visit the restaurant for several meals including spicy beef, tripe, pork meatballs, and xiao long bao, which are soup dumplings containing ground pork, served in hot broth. Yu Garden has received monumental praise for their delectable dishes, and the presence of Anthony Bourdain successfully thrusted their culinary efforts into the spotlight.

Brisas Del Mar

The Rockaways is a peninsula of beachfront homes along the Atlantic Ocean located in Queens, and is full of summer-y bars and restaurants that are often bustling with locals and tourists alike. The Spanish diner Brisas Del Mar a huge variety of traditional Spanish cuisine, including (but not limited to) empanadas, mashed plantains, beef stew, oxtail stew, and pork stew. This is a hotspot for tourists visiting the beach nearby, and locals who appreciate old fashioned, true-to-its-form Spanish food.


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