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New York City’s food scene is commonly known as one of the most diverse in the world. Virtually every type of cuisine can be found within each of the city’s 5 boroughs, making it difficult to choose just one when searching for a meal during a night out. Brooklyn in particular has become a restaurant hotspot within the past decade, as younger generations have begun to pour into the borough seeking the embrace the chic lifestyle, and with new people comes new restaurants. Below are just a few of Brooklyn’s best.

Mokbar BK

A personal friend of mine, Esther Choi has introduced Brooklyn to the authentic flavors of Korea through her new restaurant, which honors her family’s traditions, and her grandmother’s cooking. Inspired by traditional Korean cuisine, and combining that with unique flair and age old recipes, Choi has successfully established a restaurant that allows customers to expand their palates through a large variety of dishes.

All Hands

Settled right underneath the Williamsburg bridge, this seafood-heavy restaurant features a huge layout spanning two floors with two bars to accommodate. Its soothing, open atmosphere makes All Hands a perfect place for groups, or couples indulging in a date night. The menu has a large variety of fish, vegetables, and even red meat for those who may prefer land-based foods, all of which sold at relatively affordable prices.


It would be difficult to miss this restaurant walking by seeing as the exterior of the building is a modern work of art done by graffiti artist Andrea von Bujdoss. Owned and operated by A Napadol and her highly celebrated music producer husband Hani, this Thai fusion restaurant embodies the unique style of Brooklyn. The food was inspired by Napadol’s grandmother herself, who was an avid cooker in northeast Thailand. For a homey meal in a modern environment, Samui offers the best of both worlds.


Who has ever said that New York doesn’t need any more Italian restaurants? Lady’s is the newest addition to Brooklyn’s Italian food scene with a wide array of dishes to choose from at decent prices. Pasta dishes, seafood appetizers, and even pizzas can be found within the confines of Lady’s, and anyone hankering for a delicious taste of Italy is sure to find satisfaction here.


For those that may enjoy a bit of entertainment with their meal, this Japanese-Korean fusion restaurant not only offers delicious Asian cuisine, but multiple karaoke rooms that can fit up to 30 people. Sandobe is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week, and combines the eclectic tastes of sushi, chicken, fried rice, and much more.

Sunday In Brooklyn

This unique restaurant offering brunch and dinner prides itself on being a true definition of a relaxing Sunday. Started by three chefs Jaime Young, Todd Enany, and Adam Landsman, Sunday in Brooklyn offers homemade pastries, coffee, and breakfast sandwiches for the early risers, as well as dinners accompanied with cocktails and natural wines. All of the restaurant’s food and ingredients can be purchased in typical grocery store fashion for anyone looking to fill their kitchens with fresh food. The three young owners also plan to have a rooftop garden with a dining room added by Spring of this year. The meals offered are all very fairly priced, and are sure to please any breakfast or dinner connoisseur.

So, if you’re ever in the Brooklyn area and are at a crossroads regarding where you’d like to have your next meal, consider any of the five restaurants mentioned above. Though these are just a few of very many within the borough, they all come very highly rated in the short periods of time they’ve been around.

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