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Coney Island in southwestern Brooklyn has long been considered a hotspot for traditional boardwalk food and casual restaurants. The following are some of the best options for first-time visitors. 

1) Totonno’s Coney Island – Since 1924, Totonno’s has been serving up delicious pizza to tourists and locals alike. This family-owned pizza shop has been cooking up pizzas the same way since day one. It has been ranked as the number one pizza in America by Food Network, and the Zagat says “Only God makes better pizza.” 

2) Dona Zita Mexican Food – If the family is looking for a little fare from south of the border, look no further than Dona Zita. This Mexican restaurant offers local fruit served in beautiful designs, traditional Mexican fare, and zesty Mexican-style hot dogs. The classic taco is also an excellent alternative to the classic hot dog.

3) Ruby’s Bar and Grill – Ruby’s Barr and Grill is a Coney Island institution since 1972. The only place where patrons can still walk under the boardwalk, this culinary legend boasts a menu that will satisfy any palate. Visit Rudy’s to grab a hamburger, get some fresh crabs on the half shell, or cool off with some ice cream.

4) Footprints Cafe – Footprints Cafe is the perfect Coney Island spot to have a birthday, date night, or another special event. Home of the “Rasta Pasta,” this hip eatery has been cooking up scrumptious Caribbean cuisine since 2001. Their signature dish comes with many different kinds of meat, from chicken to salmon, to oxtail.

5) Gargiulo’s Restaurant – Try Gargiulo’s Restaurant for more of a fine dining atmosphere. Featuring Neapolitan cuisine, Gargiulo’s has been a staple of New York since 1907 and of Coney Island since 1965. Gargiulo’s offers an extensive pasta list, delicious entrees, and wine pairings for both! The veal parmigiana, filet of Sole, and chicken Tommaso are all excellent choices at Gargiulo’s.

6) Paul’s Daughter – One of the oldest places on the boardwalk, Paul’s Daughter is a masterclass in classic American fast food with an oceanic twist. Paul’s Daughter, still operated by the original owner’s daughter Tina, offers delicious burgers and seafood. It is a great spot to come for a slushie, funnel cake, or frankfurter as well! This restaurant is also cost-effective, boasting a four dollar hot dog.

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