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We’ve all had that time of day where we just crave a good, restaurant-quality meal, but either don’t have the time or cash to eat out at a restaurant to sit down and enjoy a stress-free evening. But, do not worry. The following restaurant-quality recipes you will find below are enough to make you feel like you’re dining with the best of the best without emptying out your wallet, and, better yet, they can be easily prepared at home.

Butter Chicken

Craving Indian food but worried that it’ll be too difficult to prepare? Butter chicken is a delicious marinated chicken dish that is boiled down in a creamy curry sauce with a spicy kick to it. Served over a bed of rice, this dish is versatile in the myriad of flavors that it comes with due to the variety of spice blends that can be made in this dish alone. This recipe is perfect because of its ability to be made ahead of time. It’s especially perfect if you’re not a fan of having clean immediately afterward thanks to its simplicity.

Steak and Potato Taco Nachos

Maybe you’re the type of person that craves a solid, juicy steak, but also enjoys the quick preparation of tacos or nachos. What if you could combine all three into one heavenly meal? As difficult as it may sound, this recipe is not only easy to make in advance, but also requires very little prep time, as it can be done in under an hour. Top with your favorite Mexican seasonings and this will surely be a meal you’ll come back to time and time again.

Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken

Maybe you are looking for a recipe that incorporates a little sweetness to your meal. This beautiful chicken recipe is rich and sweet from its brown sugar glaze. No matter what part of the chicken you decide to use for the main course, you can spruce up this recipe by adding in a couple of honey glazed baby carrots as well; a combination that is sure to take this dinner from good to great.

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