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New York City doesn’t just cater to those looking for romantic getaways or single individuals wanting to enjoy the nightlife. Families can find a lot to do in the Big Apple as well. After a long day of sightseeing, they will no doubt want to dine at some of the city’s best family-friendly restaurants.


Serendipity 3 is one restaurant kids and adults will both enjoy dining in. The kid’s menu includes various types of burgers and sandwiches. Yet, for most kids, the highlight of the experience is dessert. Everything from banana splits, to pies, to elaborate sundaes, this restaurant is ideal for anyone with a sweet tooth. Among the highlights of the dessert menu is a sundae that includes hot fudge, ice cream, bananas, humbled pie, and whipped cream.


Black Tap is a restaurant with a wide selection of entrees and desserts. Burgers are served in several meat options such as lamb, beef, turkey, bison, and chorizo. The menu also includes unusual side dishes such as Mexican Avocado and Teriyaki Broccoli. Like Serendipity 3, Black Tap also has a unique dessert menu. Choices include the Cotton Candy, Sour Power, Cookie, and Sweet n Salty Shakes.


Alice’s Tea Cup is the perfect restaurant for any family that enjoys the story of Alice in Wonderland, as the name suggests. Keep in mind that the busiest times of day at this restaurant tend to be breakfast and lunch. Unique variations on pancakes and waffles are served, as well as omelets, smoked salmon benedict, scones, and eggs. For lunch, popular menu items include hearty sandwiches and a curried chicken salad. The restaurant’s name also makes its tea service a fun experience for the whole family.


Cowgirl is a restaurant that is especially known for its kids menu. Choices include “corndoggies,” frito pie, and sandwiches made with pulled pork. When it comes to dessert, the highlight of the menu is an ice cream sundae created to resemble a baked potato, which is big enough for an entire family to share.

The Barking Dog Luncheonette is another family-friendly with a lunch menu that includes po boy sandwiches, a wrap version of a Philly Cheesesteak, and various beef, chicken, and salad dishes. Breakfast and dessert are both fun occasions at this restaurant, with menu options that include frittatas, pancakes, omelettes, a chocolate brownie sundae, and the signature Barking Dog banana split and sundae.

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