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Bagels are more than just NYC’s favorite piece of baked pastry; it is the taste of the world’s favorite city. It is the taste of the fast mornings as you head out to start your day and tackle your daily goals. In terms of the best bagels, they should typically be chewy enough to give your mouth some activity for a while. Here are some of the best spots to get the bagels in New York City.

Bagel Oasis
Bagel Oasis is considered one of the best bagel spots in New York. Located in Queens, this shop has been serving great bagels for over 60 years. One of the reasons why the company has been receiving consistent love is that their bagels are made to be toasty, and we know Americans love toast. Because of their secret recipe, the bagels are almost delicate when chewed and the bubbles on top give it a distinctive appearance.

Leo’s Bagels
The superiority battle between toasted and un-toasted bagels in New York will never end, and for the un-toasted aficionados, Leo’s is the crown jewel of bagel shops. These bagels boast a chewy inside and a kind of crispy exterior that makes each bite nothing short of sensational. There is a selection of fillings to choose from, but the cream cheese with scallions is a crowd favorite.

Absolute Bagels
This little shop on Broadway and West 108th Street has made a name for itself as a great bagel maker. Their un-toasted bagels have sold out on many occasions, and if you have ever bitten into one, you would understand why. The bagel is a perfect cross between sweet and savory. The dough tastes like malt, and the garlic and selected seasoning brings out a savory punch. Bite the bagel and sip along with some Thai tea for a better culinary experience.

Baz Bagel and Restaurant
This restaurant serves a lot more than bagels, and to ensure you don’t spend too much time in line, you can order from the laminated menu. Their bagels are uniquely crafted to create a taste experience unlike any other. For example, the pumpernickel bagel is something you may not typically order, but, once tasted, might become your personal favorite.